Who I am

Hi! I’m Roberto Tartaglia, born July 25, 1977.

I’m writing (creative and otherwise) since adolescence.

I wrote many short stories , hundreds of newspaper articles and Web, songs (in Italian and English) and spot, achieving important goals.

In 2009 I embraced self publishing and I devoted myself fully to the Web world. Over the years I have specialized more and more, both in writing (narrative, journalism and Web), and in marketing, personal branding and SEO.

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My Thrillers

I started writing thrillers when I was just a boy. I have always been fascinated with the mystery. With my novels, I try to give something extra to my readers. To amaze. To make the heart beat faster.

I would say, what I try to do, with my thrillers, is to bring back the magic in a world that now seems to be no longer able to wonder, to dream.

If you too want to return to look at the world through the eyes of a child, if you want to dream, to challenge the limits of your imagination, come look at my books. ;)

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